Welcome to the "Jewel of the Arctic"

ATII (Let's go) Tourism is an Inuit own business in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada that offers visitors from all over the world with an authentic Inuit experience in the unique atmosphere and culture of our home in Canada's "Jewel of the Arctic".

About Us

Who are we?

Karen Nutarak has 20 years experience with tourism. She started as a cultural performer (Throat singer, traditional ajaja singer, drum dancing, Inuit traditional games). She has managerial experience at the Visitors Centre. She has great experience organizing cultural activities.

We are 100 % Inuit own and operated. 

Harvey is Karen's husband/ business partner. He has experience on the land, cultural activities and the community.

How to contact us:

Email: atii.tourism@gmail.com

Phone: 867-899-1509

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Atii (Let's go) Tourism

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